East Texas Steel Guitar Players

east texas steel guitar players
Blind Willie Dunn and Lonnie Johnson – Deep Minor Rhythm Stomp (1929)

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Roots of John Fogerty

Somehow, Creedence Clearwater Revival was lucky. Headquartered in suburban terminal unhip East Bay El Cerrito, watching classic rock & roll and the Beatles for inspiration in its first incarnation as the Golliwogs instead of groups of folk-rock that improves the stage of San Francisco's reputation, which were rejected by the psychedelic ballrooms and had a lot of time perfecting a sound that is entirely makes his own. The result was a series of nine Top Ten singles (and one, "Suzie Q," which reached number 11), a directness and simplicity Other bands that have lost. For this, they were ridiculed by the hipoisie, which seem to have forgotten that pop music is supposed to be, uh, People.

Certainly, powerful composition, John Fogerty, did not care at all. I was too busy creating powerful songs that the country responded immediately, correct composition, the call Although legal issues and changing tastes means that sales may not have reflected his expertise in the past might have.

Creedence played in the mythology that had been prepared by the artists whose music is covered and whose legacy is widespread. Proud Mary steamed on the Mississippi River, Fogerty sang into being in the swamp (which is clearly not), and characteristics of the band like Willie and poor children is all smiles and pickin replacement for Change. This made the band pop Rorschach test, in which the public has seen a much more democratic and class work that the group really was. The deceptive simplicity of the music of Creedence, too, was the opposite of virtuosity increasing self-love of music from across San Francisco Bay, and the image the flannel shirt, jeans wear, under the photo of the band and on stage was the opposite of rock star poses adopted by many of his contemporaries.

This democratic impulse has made the work of Fogerty and Creedence survive without apparent date. Deeply informed by what came before, imbued with the values openness and simplicity, was used to influence many artists of the same mentality that followed. In short – and having nothing to do with the marketing term – which is classic rock.

Rock Classics Volume I

Artist: Various Artists
Date Date Release: 2007

Creedence criticized the stage with an extended meditation on the great success of Dale Hawkins' "Suzie Q" was offered a guitar part by James Burton, one of the great chain benders forgot his time. Hawkins had a look of the greatest guitarists – later is often used Roy Buchanan – but never a success as great as that. He moved to Dallas and got into production work, with credits including Bruce Channel "Hey Baby", whose harmonica part, by Delbert McClinton, inspired the Beatles to use one of the "Love Me." He produced the Top Ten Western Union "of the local band the Five Americans, and in 1970 became a consultant based in Houston International Artists, which is the 13th Floor Elevators. The persistence of "Suzie Q" Creedence as a staple of FM relaunched his career, and continues to serve at public delighted.


Artist: Screamin Jay Hawkins
Release Date: 2006

If the blues singer Jay Hawkins had not arrived too drunk to try recording a song that does not particularly like, which have become icon he has become? Hawkins always maintained that not even remember making that led to his famous 1956 underground hit "I put a spell on you ", which, although not the cards, was a youth records floating around, marveling at his grunts, growls, roars, moans and cries as he stumbled his way through a song that was creepy enough in itself to begin. Creedence re-introduced into the repertoire of rock as the song Opening their first album, and he remained there since. With regard to Screamin 'Jay, embraced the record, making it the centerpiece an act that was played live on stage in a coffin, holding a skull in flames and wear fancy clothes while singing these numbers memorable as "Constipation Blues," which became a huge success in Japan.

The Essential Collection

Artist: Tommy McLain
Release Date: 1997

Nobody in Creedence was actually born in the swamp, not even one marshes of the Sacramento River, but there was a rich set of rock music is. Louisiana and East Texas was the land of swamp pop bands show tour as the Boogie Kings and Randy and the Rockets. hits on the soul and country covers at a time, driven by crackerjack horn section, and directed by versatile singers, most of these bands have been condemned to obscurity until various British fans have rediscovered local in the 1980s. Among the singers were great as Rod Bernard and Johnnie Allen, but it was probably the biggest little Tommy McLain, whose version of Don Gibson "Sweet Dreams" broke the national map in 1969, and whose possible voice and high purity was – and is – an incredible instrument of expression, and recording backup tapes were some of the best veterans in the swamp pop circuit. Listen to him and listen to a possible source for the singing style of John Fogerty.

The Complete Sun Singles

Artist: Carl Perkins
Release Date: 2000

Carl Creedence influence of Carl Perkins was one of the true rock influences. Someone could write a song about something as stupid blue suede shoes and then playing with such passion that never occurred to you that your life does not depend on them was clearly on track. Its formation was also perfect: born in the South of land to the poor working in the fields with their black neighbors, Carl absorbed country music and blues around, and forged a style that was so strong that there was a week that had the best record in the pop, country and rhythm and blues charts – "Blue Suede Shoes "Indeed. Even more related to the Creedence / login was Fogerty's guitar style, in which elements of country and blues were gathered at the absolute simplicity, but exciting originality. Although not as simple as it sounds: just ask the Beatles, I really had to work in close when they covered it.


Artist: Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Release Date: 1994

Once again, anyone who plays rock & roll owes something to the Mississippi, which began to play the blues when he landed in Chicago in late 1930. Elvis Presley total remodeling of its "Okay, Mom," was the beginning the King's career (and caused an Elvis grateful to pay for a session for RCA Records Crudup after becoming a star), but several other Crudup songs also found their place in the repertoire of rock, like "My Baby Left Me" appeared on Cosmo's Factory Creedence album. Crudup, in common with many artists from the RCA "race" Bluebird subsidiary, overrecorded like crazy in the 1930s, but was a popular artist in Chicago clubs, playing transplanted southern like him, and the styles of blues in the Windy City changed, moved home, where he was a trafficker success when Elvis took his name back into public recognition. He died in 1974 after having seen his career revived by a generation young.

Absolutely the best

Artist: Lead Belly
Release Date: 2000

Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter also has a powerful influence on rock & roll, but came through a door different from most singers Blues have been part of American folk revival of the first decade of 1940, and contributed the first great popular success urban, "Good Night, Irene" weavers. The story of its discovery by folklorist Alan Lomax, his subsequent release prison, and its adoption by the folk scene around the left which also included Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie is well known, and this has led to tens disc of his music, most of which, it must be said, not really classic blues. Creedence, including two of his best songs best known, "Midnight Special" and "Cotton Fields", where Willie and The Boys album poor, and made them his own, which is not surprising as Creedence, a registered Although occasional blues, were more interested the singing of the term blue.

The Best of T. Booker and the MG

Artist: Booker T. And Mg
Date Release: 1994

Asked John Fogerty once, it was the best rock & roll band in the world? "Booker T and MG, he replied, without hesitation. At first glance, not much talk about the music of Memphis quartet at the end of the solo Fogerty Creedence or their contribution is subtle. What you hear when you hear one of his little masterpieces, filmed jam force on the surface, but with depth, is a machine with four rooms in perfect condition operation. It is almost the platonic ideal of how to take four players and making a sound, something that Creedence, at least initially. Of course, there are solos – Steve Cropper guitar in particular – and safely, the principal organ of Booker T the list with the melody, but it is clear they are listening to each other all the time and the exuberance and joy of all this comes to shine.

Burnin '

Artist: John Lee Hooker
Release Date: 1962

Mr. Hooker proposes to "boogie." Mr. Fogerty and company offer "Chooglin. Is there a difference in kind? Discuss and showcase their work. There is no doubt that rhythm, but harmonically static work John Lee Hooker played an important role in the 1960 culture jam gave the rock music world. From "Boogie Chillen" in 1949, apparently his original blues Hooker, mostly his voice and his guitar, was very popular with a large sector blues audience, as a stern warning against being too clever. In the 1960s, when American guitar bands rediscovered the blues, Hooker's plan was one of the main criteria used for their training Long-term, and Creedence was no exception, as it serves several Hooker his first album cover. As always, not directly copy the original, and Stu Cook, Doug Clifford rhythm section came up with the pace they called "Chooglin" which became one of its brands.

The Essential Little Richard

Artist: Little Richard
Release Date: 1958

As with Carl Perkins, while rocker who does not claim as an ancestor Richard Penniman is lying. He is the pioneer of the things people today take for granted: the wild behavior on stage, ambiguous sexuality, driving rhythms, vocal tics screaming mad, ridiculous lyrics. In its records, Earl Palmer had enough blues swing rhythms invented rock & roll drums. The Beatles covered his subject, and, of course, so did Creedence, record "Good Golly, Miss Molly "Bayou Country. For it is hard to believe today, in 1969, when this album came out, Richard has fallen in the shadows (Although some knew Jimi Hendrix had toured as a guitarist), but this is due to both having spent time in the department and give rock & roll – If only for a short period – nothing. Its obscurity did not last long, and from 2007, still very good, appearing in movies, television, and sometimes shows, reminding the kids how.

The Best Of Hank Williams

Lyrics Artist: Hank Williams
Release Date: 2002

After Creedence broke, John Fogerty was presented the "country" command, first with his bluegrass band of one man, the Blue Ridge Rangers, and later in his solo albums. (Always had been there, but the group was not the best place for that.) And if you're going to be the country, their work are the echoes of the inventor modern country music. Williams was the first to add a personal touch to their letters, after listening to a lot of blues in his youth This innovation has catapulted to fame that have long survive his death at age 29. He also wrote the melodies weight to fit the song who has seen his songs pop and even rock artists such as Fats Domino, whose version of "Jambalaya" was the first time I listened many people. His small body of work is the cornerstone of American States popular music and alt-country types are discovering how difficult simple as can.

Classic sides

Artist: Jimmie Rodgers
Release Date: 2002

Before Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Mississippi, who was educated in the blues and then past the point of a directory that cleverly mixed with a wide band of sentimentality. country's first superstar, his "Blue Yodel" and the use of the Hawaiian steel guitar in his recordings as model for the country that lasted until Hank Williams innovations expanded the vocabulary of the genre. It was not just musicians who have been affected countries: Howlin 'Wolf famously said that his trademark "Ah-ooo," was his failed attempt to imitate yodel Rodgers. Rodgers debt to black music was not only in the "floating verses" of the traditional blue used in some of his songs, but also in his famous meeting with Louis Armstrong recording, not to mention his friendship with the Carter family, discovered in the same hearing that it was RCA Records, who also participated in black instrumental and lyrical influences.

Sun Recordings

Artist: Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison was mainly La Voz. Although their best known songs, hits like "Running Scared" and "Crying" can be almost lyrical in its tension between orchestra and voice tapes, Orbison began as a sort of rockabilly, which explains why these issues are less well known Sun sense when talking about John Fogerty. Orbison was clear that the band Teen Kings were unable to follow through with it, but the mixture of swing enthusiast and the singular voice of Roy is a model that could be extrapolated Fogerty Creedence and his two solo career later. At a point where experience fundamental seems to be more popular than vocal prowess, singing Fogerty can enter through the ears and make you reassess that. Like Orbison, the idea a hook was never far from his mind, but their composition chops were a little more sophisticated than "Ooby Dooby, Ooby Dooby, doo-wah, doo-wah doo-wah. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!

east texas steel guitar players