Can I Learn Guitar At 40

can i learn guitar at 40
Killer Riffs iPhone Guitar App – 40 Riffs with Tab + Video

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I need people with extensive knowledge of the guitar solos?

Hey guys, I'm looking for me to know that gradually increasing difficult. I need to improve, but I do not know a wide range of Solo. Something I might as well solo as here at: 55 And I can do this solo by 50 percent of the time here at 4:40 (a little slower than his play on the video) http:// I care not of this kind, I just need the songs as many as more and more difficult as you get my address after listening to the soloist.

A pair of Carlos Santana when I can. Blues "Salvador" "Song of the Wind" Hendrix. "Pali Gap" Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Riviera Paradise" Good luck for the future.

can i learn guitar at 40