Learn Guitar String Notes

learn guitar string notes
Guitar Lesson – First String Notes For Beginners

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I am new to the string bass guitar 4 and have no idea what to do Can someone help?

I want to know what to do first, I learned the names of chain and all parts of the guitar I learned to read labels and that's all I know, but I want to learn chords and scales and everything shouts a beginner needs to know extremes. Any book recommends please, thank you list.

First, I suggest taking some lessons. They will help you learn basics. I took over the permanent school and learned all scales and bases. A teacher will help many low and can also help you play a song I really want to play or learn. A book I found very useful, even after I learned the basics was the complete idiot's guide to playing bass. Is it very useful. See for yourself. Maybe I can help you learn the low-ICS. (In the back of the book says)

learn guitar string notes

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