Why Play Guitar Scales

why play guitar scales
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I can not play the bass while standing …. Why?

Well, I play bass for a while and always seated and another day played.The I decided to try standing and … I suck at it.I can not really use the little finger of the day worrying (it feels like the first time he learned to play when it was difficult to use the little finger on the scales and all), and use the little finger, while a bunch of kids, it feels weird not be able to use it.I have been reading everything and people say I put my belt to be greatest in the same position as when I am location .. .. but seriously do not want to sound like a bass 50. And do not think my height Correa is low, the central part of the body is in the basement of my waist and upper body that comes to button.It belly is really disappointing … so any help or advice is appreciated. thanks

Yes, a little weak. Most bears are half-body in her navel, and to Highest gives a longer range. This does not mean you have to put up the chest. I still know where you want. Most metals / Hard rock bassists play down, so if you want really low, starting with time and, like the fingers get stronger, you will find the setting the guitar more.

why play guitar scales