Software To Play Guitar In Computer

software to play guitar in computer
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Guitar Pro. very useful software for learning guitar? or is there another way to support computer aided more?

I use Guitar Pro. software to read the chips, play with them in the software, and learn to play guitar .. Of course the easiest, because the irreducible who still can not play. However, I have another question, if I do not know scales, I learn that the clouds that will affect my process learning? and how?

I have taught, performed and gigged on the side for over 20 years, so here's my two cents-1) If you 're serious about learning the lessons of a live instructor I recommend group classes in the local music school or a community college in this way, you can meet other players at their level, and set jam sessions outside of class. It how I started-2) Tab not take the place of learning to read standard notation to learn to read music and learn music theory-3) Guitar Pro programs and others have their place but unless you can get the basic scales down-major/minor, string theory, we get bored and lose interest seriously, do yourself a favor and get a real beginner too buy a guitar teacher and a computer program and lose interest very quickly, "Good luck!

software to play guitar in computer