Silvertone Rockit 21 Guitar Package

silvertone rockit 21 guitar package

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Silvertone Rockit 21 Electric Guitar or Fender Stratocaster?

what would be best for me? I love bands like Fall Out Boy, MCR, Taking Back Sunday, etc.. so ima play songs like that, rock / punk. The dish has a package with a guitar amp, box, dvd, picks, cases, etc. Is this a first packet. about $ 200 below my guitar teacher at school can give me a deal for a guitar Fender Stratocaster maybe $ 150. with a small amplifier. my question is that I am a beginner guitarist. So IDK. that will require more money? or defense? Please explain the advantages and disadvantages both, thank you.

If it's a real Fender Start, Squier and not one, I jump on it. Even if it's a Squier, it would probably first try eye. One thing you should know is that the humbucker (double) contained in the silver gives it a crunchy sound of what we get out of that single coil Strats most have. (There are some with a humbucker on the bridge, which would be ideal)

silvertone rockit 21 guitar package

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