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learn to play guitar singapore
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Where can I get a line of acoustic guitar?

Basically, I have no idea how to play guitar, but I want to learn. So I try to have a line, is there any site that ships free and we can ship to Mexico? Usually ships all seen in Canada. Yes I did it but once you ask me to enter my ZIP code, which says' Please enter a valid zip code.

I am very curious. If you are in Singapore, why would you buy a line of acoustic guitar? Why not buy local? I play a Yamaha acoustic APX700 or electric guitar. Particularly love this guitar because it is very easy to play and sounds good. You can also connect to an amplifier to save instead of a microphone recordng and recruitment of other ambient noise in the process. Yamaha (made in Japan) there many dealers Singapore. Acoustic guitar (instrument quality) range in price from about $ 200 to over $ 1000. You'll also need a case or a cover for her and the items are sold separately by you need a quote for that too. Larning as they are, you do not want to spend as much I did, but the Yamaha JR1 ($ 206 + cases) is a good guitar start to learn and you can get locally here in Singapore. Guitar JR1 – Here is a list http://www.yamaha.com.sg/Guitars_Acoustic_JR1.html places to buy a Yamaha guitar in Mexico might want http://www.yamaha.com.sg/Contact_Us.html better guitar, but why pay more for a guitar to learn (plus shipping and handling in the U.S.) where you can get a room and take home with you? Just a thought, but to me that a lot more sense. Yamaha guitars also have a good resale value and if you decide that you do not play the guitar, or when you're ready to trade, you can get most of their money out of it. I taught myself to play acoustic guitar and within a year, I bought an electric guitar and played well enough to be in a group. Good luck!

learn to play guitar singapore