Self Learn Guitar Books

self learn guitar books
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I want to learn slide guitar blues, need help to find the best tutorial books / DVDs, etc. ..?

I guess I am a Self-taught guitarist usually plays through songs based on agreements with a little finger picking. Most recently, I was in love Seasick Steve and hear a lot of Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie Johnson, so I would like to know if anyone can offer advice on good series of lessons Blues DVD "Or where are some good books for me to start on my way to play the blues guitar properly.

As a player and a slide guitar cigar box, I recommend (as owner) … Http: / / The best book I found is a book by Arlen Roth and is called "traditional country, and Slide Guitar". Was or is published by Publications Oak is the serial number (Or was) and the United Kingdom OK62836 ISBN 071190233X is. I have not used all the DVDs, when I started playing when movies are their infancy.

self learn guitar books

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