Learn Guitar Without Lessons

learn guitar without lessons
U2 – With Or Without You Guitar lesson

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You think it's possible for someone to learn to play and be good on a guitar without lessons?

How long does will he?

N are tons of great players who never had formal training. In fact, if someone learns independently he / she is not constrained by the "rules" of composition and style, which leaves plenty of room for creativity. But most people use books or instructional DVD to learn the basics, it is useful to know the basic chords. If you are thinking of learning but are reluctant because they do not want to take classes, there are excellent programs available on DVD thanks to friends containing any musician I had to learn by years of private education, but it costs about $ 40. I bought an electric guitar set after After playing for over 20 years and I can not believe how much my game has improved. In the acoustic set is taught by the same man, I can not imagine that would not be surprising too. I'll post links if you're interested. http://books-videos-music.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rock-House-Learn-Rock-Guitar-Beginner-Intermediate-and-Advanced-3DVD-package?sku=942719 (Guitar) http://books-videos-music.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rock-House-Learn-Rock-Acoustic-Guitar-Beginner-Intermediate-and-Hands-of-Steel-DVD-Package?sku = 942720 (For guitar Acoustic)

learn guitar without lessons