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learn guitar vocabulary
L2-Guitar Vocabulary

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You think I'm an idiot, but I am willing to learn to play an acoustic guitar. I have the guitar (for once), it is hot, and I am ready to commit. I do not know not the last thing on the guitar. Basically, I do not know. I get confused with people who say "compatible" or "tags". I do not know what I mean? Please can someone explain in common language I'm less about it? Or give me good sites? THANK YOU! (And I know that sounds like an idiot! Ha!)

Not to sound like an idiot. If everyone I knew all this, sites like this exist not. "Agreements" are what is in most books of songs, regardless which also include the string "plans," showing a guitar exactly where to place your fingers. See also the "line" in an agreement based on "charter" (eg "GFG GC" to "A Hard Day's Night "). I always advise new players against the tab (or" tab "). Although many teachers swear by it, I feel the players can become too dependent on the tab, and in fact is not "read music." Only my opinion, but I learned the guitar for many years.

learn guitar vocabulary

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