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play guitar chords songs
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Is there any software available that can recognize the guitar chords of songs you play on your computer?

I was curious it because I love music that would not have agreements available online ……. If someone knows a program that could help recognize agreements, would you tell me? In addition, it is a good way to train your ear to recognize chords? Can you give me some advice what, if possible? thank you very much!

I do not know if that's what you want or not, but there are a couple of good teaching aid available in the form of programs that result in the MIDI tab. The programs are called "Power" tab "and" Guitar Pro. I am more familiar with the power-tab, because it is free and the song "tags" which can be downloaded as they are also free. Just a note caution: most of the labels you get for this program are user-created tags, which means that if you use them to learn what you must wait until the person who tabbed the song was a competent musician. Fortunately, the website of the tab has a power system label classification, so if you have good grades, with high clouds you generally well. As a side note, these programs have libraries of agreement, so you can find the fingering for virtually any chord. Just do a web search for "tab" or "Guitar Pro".

play guitar chords songs