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learn guitar for beginners for free
Free Guitar Lessons for beginners Part VIII by Siggi Mertens ( House of the Rising Sun )

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Guitar for beginners! I need help!?

ok … So I bought my guitar like 2 years ago … n yeah … I do can not play a single song, or play a chord on the right … I'm hoping mad juz guitars … i juz do not understand! it is too difficult for me … but anyway I really want to learn to play guitar songs dat … Ive seen videos of youtube for beginners … none that could really make me understand … Web sites th … all ask for payment … I know … some of them r really cheap, but my father, he juz dnt let me use his credit card to nothing .. . so I wonder u guys here …. where I can really "learn guitar for free … Not Effective … please help me …. I really want to play guitar …

I also recorded porbesita your problem, but with the piano because it's my Audas you oral

learn guitar for beginners for free

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