How To Play Guitar And Sing Together

how to play guitar and sing together
Fludd – All Sing Together (1972)

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price wedding musician?!?

Also, I have another question. 'M hee hee looking for suggestions. My friend and I (both 14) (to play guitar together and sing a lot) simply asked to perform at a wedding in September. The fact is that the action would be paid, and they ask for the amount we charge. This is a wedding on a budget with a lot of money issues going on in this family (parents are helping to pay at all, the lady who took two married children in his not bc his mother died of cancer at age 23) and are therefore ineffective. I do not want a lot because of this, if you have suggestions for a reasonable price? Thank you! To make this clearer, I wonder how much you should pay U.S. to complete … I'm not looking for artists. Thank you:)

Simply decide what a fair hourly rate would be his time, and then multiply by two, since two of you and download it. To be fair, are unity and preparation time, and downtime. If you expect to have 6 hours to get there, manage and configure, and think it is just $ 10 an hour, then $ 60 per musician would be a good deal. So in total $ 120 fee would not be so unfair. See how they feel about it.

how to play guitar and sing together