Learn Guitar Android App

learn guitar android app
The Mobile Guitar: Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile apps make up a guitar

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Advertising received initial funding commitment of $ 600,000 from Yahoo and Google Ventures, and angels, "as Keith and Laura Ziskin Rabois

Miso Press has confirmed generated by a press release dated December 17, 2010 received $ 600,000 in seed financing round Bing primarily on the company, and a couple of angels like Keith Rabois, operations manager of the place, and Laura Ziskin, producer of films.

Miso is the advertising Award-winning creator of songs Miso IOS software that teaches consumers how to make guitar, four and five fingers on the guitar, ukulele and mandolin. The application uses a technique that presents the true guitar fingers, it seems that much more interesting for musicians today and those who want to learn to participate in the guitar.

Companies can be sponsored by CF Martin & Co., and also at the base of his Fender, duly recognized as giants of the guitar in the world.

Miso is audio being examined by Apple for sale on iTunes App Store, and quickly you can get for the iPod, iPhone and Apple iPad an introductory price of a couple $ of.ninety nine. The technical understanding of patent pending, uses advanced detection observed expertise tuned its corresponding notification and delivery information in real time, which makes it very easy for people to learn songs on guitar.

The organization has become clear that they can use to finance their strategies to expand and improve Miso Tunes. They have options to create a bigger library of songs, much more structured study, improvement of technological innovation, and cultivate new product applications platform stores, which integrates naturally Android – a Google item. Expansion is also expected in terms of creating applications for other musical instruments.

We also invite you to suggest concepts Miso expansion additional marketing.

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learn guitar android app