How To Play Guitar Motley Crue

how to play guitar motley crue
Girls Girls Girls – Motley Crue – How to Play on Guitar – Main Riff – 80’s rock

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No training, not a singer, but no trace of trainablity in this record? Please listen!?

No training, no singer, but no trace of trainablity in this record? Please listen!? The first time singing on record, could be Hard rock singer? I always joked about the seriousness of my song is that I have been a drummer for 8 years, actually played in a (guitar sounded like bar, Jimmy Page and Hendrix), but always said and thought it sucks. However, I thought I had to drop one day after the start recording of the song for a while to see if it can still be decent, perhaps with training, more practical, either. Consider This is how all my worst, no trace of talent can be detected? Anything that might suggest that is it possible? I had to do it slowly because I'm in a room hotel, it is more than half of singing. I have no training and do not really know what I'm doing so please consider the potential RAW. The song is Motley Crue "Wild Side" its just a minute of recording, and the silence in the middle IS NOT THE END!

It's hard to say because I could not sing aloud, and because I can still hear the original recording, but honestly, I think it's pretty good because it's the first time. It reminded me of The Cure. Post some other recordings. I think you have a good voice to alternative rock.

how to play guitar motley crue