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praise band question?

Well I can play in the church praise band i play i played my guitar once and the man who executive officer, said going to play again very soon but I also think to myself if I'm good at guitar, so my question is if I was not good on guitar or could not driving I'd be in the worship team? I mean it is the worship leader of the group of young people (teens) and while in practice the guitar with my friend who is the lead guitarist of praise i was learning some songs for when I'm onstage and after about 15 minutes before I left I was doing some sweeping arpeggios select only 3 channels and the man who heads the group also praised the young leader said that I have talent just apply to myself what does this mean? and others have said I was good and an extraordinary person said if I'm good how come I do not think it's just a lack of confidence? Please answer all issues.

1, if not all are good at the guitar or the guy who leads the worship team thought could not handle, would not be in the band. 2. "You have talent, just ask yourself" means, basically, you're good, just practice more. 3. They are probably good, just have low self-esteem. Remember, you hear what music should sound in your head and all notices little small misunderstanding over this, but everyone just hear what comes out of his guitar, and it looks pretty good.

play guitar praise