How To Learn Guitar Songs For Free

how to learn guitar songs for free
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How to teach me guitar? Is this possible? I want to play and write my own songs on guitar …?

I can not pay tuition, I know it would be better, but I can not afford it, it is possible for me to give guitar lessons? I really want learn to play and I really want to be able to write my own songs on guitar as a hobby, because the interests of any other thing I could teach me? What if I can I? preferably free, I am a student right now, and I come, I have the money for College, and unfortunately, my university does not provide guitar lessons music /. I very much want to play .. please give me some advice, I have completely no knowledge of the guitar, I just know what looks like a guitar, I thank you very much:)

As also long as you own a real guitar, otherwise it will be very difficult: / then I can teach. Beaucoup de musiciens sont autodidactes. Get a book on guitar are generally fairly easy to obtain and are all you need to read and write music. Remember to be patient, you will not Slash or Jimi Hendrix in a couple of days, but with practice and determination, until one day you'll be as good as them or better yet:) Good luck!

how to learn guitar songs for free