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What a great guitar exercise to help increase the accuracy anxious, and learn to choose staccato?

I learned the guitar 2 years but have not had a master of something like that, and I'm tired of my friends are always a little better than me, so I need some advice on exercise.

As a guitarist and gentlemen, I think you might want to try a spider crawling on the start the first box on the E string and use four fingers to hit 4, 1 º 2 º 3 & freight while picking chainmail under … then, after what is done with a string of smaller displacement of the string and start the second box, then click on th 2 º 3 º 4 and 5 th fret of the string A, then again a string goes below the D string and start the 3rd box and press the 3 rd 4 th 5 th and 6 dishes in that order I also forgot mentioned before .. Then, spend a lower chord and fret ETC … You should know by now what to do with the last 3 strings … then post chain mail started to go very high in the same pattern … and ending in 14 fret of the string E (top) with a finger .. With the technique staccato picking you must learn to practice first, then choose the option may possibly be picking staccato … you can find here .. http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/staccato-exercise/…I hope this will become long-term … good!

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