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learn guitar sweeps online
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How to integrate the palm muting on the guitar shredding?

I have a problem with fair play on guitar. I practiced picking and learning Scanning playing scales faster (by the way I started to slow down) but the problem is that when I started to speed up a bit, my game has suddenly failed. I checked so that was my mistake and it seems that my lack of inhibition Palm (who was unaware of this technique.) I tried to find instructional videos on how to incorporate palm hand with the silence of the crash, but did nothing. Say there was an explanation and 15 seconds just begun to crumble like crazy lol. Even just saying the forums Online palm muting practice is easy. The problem is that I do not know how they are used to destroy. Someone Can it help? I play for only 1 year and I have an Ibanez GIO and the first 10 amps watts.

palm mute based practice, keeping the flesh of the palm Gateway …. just play powerchords or another …… after getting the hang of it, making choices on each string near the bridge and try to keep the palm of your hand the bridge, it just takes lots of practice and getting used to it ….. can also use a bandage wrapped around the strings behind the skill to cut the strings …. However, this can become a crutch before

learn guitar sweeps online