Learn To Play Guitar Books And Dvd

learn to play guitar books and dvd
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Has anyone learned to play piano or guitar lessons online?

I have no money to pay someone to lessons. I'm looking for an affordable way to learn and teach me. Although online resources? Or should I find a book or DVD? I a singer and want to be able to support myself in both, or at least one instrument well!

I do not know about piano, but I know Some sites guitar. Such http://vguitarlessons.com/ or total of 12 lessons (one video sent to U every 2 days), more for beginners. However, the best place I recommend is a place called nextlevelguitar.com. It is an impressive site to learn the guitar where teachers are experience of learning the guitar much easier and more fun. The videos are very detailed, ranging from 3 minutes to 22 minutes. (Most of the time are like 5 to 13 minutes). He has over 150 lessons for beginners and lessons that 800 total. The good thing is that you can get a free three day trial that gives you full access to all the 800 videos and when the trial is over, you can sign up for a 1 month subscription ($ 30), 3 months ($ 75) an annual subscription ($ 140), or simply do nothing. It's really cheap for guitar lessons, guitar teacher as a normal cost about $ 20 $ 30 per session 30 minutes week.so happens once a month, spending between $ 100 to $ 120 per month. But if the guitar is one level too much money coming to you you can download the Real Player software, as it has a feature where you can download videos from YouTube or anywhere else. and you can download more than one video at a time which is really great. So if you liked the idea, just download Real Player, download the free circulation of three days testing at the guitar to the next level, and download all the videos you can. I have all the Lessons for beginners to download and upload music theory lessons. http://www.real.com/realplayer,

learn to play guitar books and dvd