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learn guitar tune
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How can I tune my guitar and sing better?

Hello. I have a guitar for Christmas in 2008. I really want to know how to adjust. I know that sufficient information. but it's better than I do now. I'll learn to play guitar by ear, you do not need help with this. I also know I am a poor singer and want to know how I can learn how to sing without having to take lessons. Any help?

Hello. I am a trained singer and voice teacher, I wanted to answer your question about the song. Be lessons seem long and expensive, but they are really the best way to improve your singing. You can try to take only a few lessons. Without hearing you, it is impossible what to do to improve your voice. However, a teacher can give you an idea of the type of things that need work. If you really can not do the lessons, consider joining a choir. A choir will teach you the basics of vocal technique and you improve your musical ear. (This will allow song and tune your guitar!) I have some ideas in my blog to find a singing teacher. Check it out! Catherine K. Brown

learn guitar tune