Learn To Play Guitar Beatles

learn to play guitar beatles
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Is it easy for me to learn guitar?

I'm 14 and I played violin for 4 years and I stopped smoking after this year, and I play guitar. I think it would be easier because it's like the violin, only the side! I can read music (obviously) but I do not know the key to all of C, to keep things D. I do not know any music theory. But I can learn! I 'm pretty good with music. Is guitar is easy for me to learn? (Incidentally, I'm really good at rock band The Beatles and the guitar of Guitar Hero! I know it sounds like a nerd, but I know he will not play me lol) I'll stick to the violin, but I stopped taking private lessons 2 years ago and since then has dwindled. And I love the Beatles music, so I want to be able to play your music!

The most difficult and discouraging to learn more play the guitar is the development of finger and hand strength with the dexterity of his hands. As a violinist, You must have a decent amount of development in this area now. Make no mistake, learning something new is not easy. You could do if you set your mind to it, such as learning something.

learn to play guitar beatles