Guitar Play By Numbers

guitar play by numbers
Times of Grace~ Strength In Numbers (Dual Cover) W/SOLOS!!!!

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The guitar tabs, such freight figures in parentheses mean?

I do not understand. Take, for example, the introduction of "Desert Song "My Chemical Romance E: | – <5> – <7 >~———–< 5> – <7 >~——< 12> ~ – |. B :| —- ——< 5> – <7 >~————< 12 >——| How to play?

I've never seen anyone> use <on tabs above, so I can not say, although I have seen () 's before which means that the note is optional. A few beginners tend to Tabbers use symbols not used in tab to show something. If you use strange symbols that did not rely on the information was correct.

guitar play by numbers