Basics Of Guitar Playing

basics of guitar playing
Music Theory Basics for Guitar : Playing the Chromatic Scale on Guitar

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How long does the average person to learn the basics of guitar?

For the basics, I would say about a year ….. that is to read music, chord changes, without a doubt, learning the keys, and a little theory. This seems to be the way with my students ….. some are a little faster …. and some a bit slower …. depends on your musical ability and talent …. I have a new student, now that I took about a month, has never played guitar before (you just get one for Christmas). and you can play and play all the notes in the first place ….. low and high, can be done with five scales, chords had a dozen and can change without any problem, some arrangements of songs and notes (finger style) and what surprises me is who is left handed and right cheek. Some people have perfect pitch …. and some very good memories, it depends on a number of factors. If your thinking of playing with a teacher is the best way to learn. I hope you decide to play is a great hobby …. Your never boring, and something that will make you happy for years, I played for about 35 years and have enjoyed every minute. Well good luck as you, bye !!!!!!!! If you can not pay an online teacher has a number of sites that are very ….. Well, if you decide to play, ask again and we will send you a number of sites you visit !!!!!!!!

basics of guitar playing

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