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play guitar hero online game now
Guitar Hero 3 – Acheivement Glitch TUT

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Xbox Live problem can help?

I have Xbox Live Silver, but today I decided to use 48 hours gold membership that comes with the game Guitar Hero. because I want to dl the new skate 2 demo.but when I put in the redeem code it says that everything was good all I had to do was get out of my account and then re-enter my gold is on. Now the problem is that when I come back I had always money to gold. Later I learned that I can play Gears of War 2 Online, even if my account is still money. I therefore tried to reduce the burden of proof, do not leave me, tells me to upgrade to gold. What happens that someone help me

just leave a few hours, the server can drink cos busy and could have it if u do u can have a wider and

play guitar hero online game now