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electric guitar learning kits
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How to design and build my own electric guitar i?

I asked a similar question recently, but accidentally during put the word "expert" instead of "electric" and all I have links on how to build an acoustic guitar. Here's more information all ages other issues. I want to build my own electric guitar for my main project. My years of first year just got one and I imagine that this will take a long time, so I want to move. My music store offers kits to build electric guitars and all instructions so that I can use it to learn how to put together. Could someone tell me how to instructions or something like a link or something that says everything I have to do and all the materials i need to design and build my own electric guitar work and color of buttons and possibly a whammy bar? Thank you

You can start in the link I posted the first source below. Be patient. The project began a few weeks, and four parties published to date. Additional parts to follow. The second source link is a forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other instruments they build. Good luck.

electric guitar learning kits

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