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learn guitar soloing free
Rock Lead Guitar Soloing – Part One

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guitar solos like a pro?

Several times, I practice every day to learn to play one more tears no precise bird Free. etc.? and what are the best ways to achieve without forming any bad habits? Since I learned some easy guitar parts Black Sabath, Metallica, Guns and Roses, Rage Against the Machine, and acdc. but I always get the solo pieces, he is too fast for me to listen and try to play in form the Internet. better way

I do not know if I can add more to your question Couse I read some answers and all are useful. But I can say something speed. – To achieve speed, must leave all the extra things to do with their hands, arms, head, legs, etc. (Such as cyclists riders wear minimal use and less weight to go faster) – to do the same with your fingers, do excerrcises scale, but it is not all, you should try not to shake hands more than it takes you really to scale. – Start slowly and make sure that your fingers stick to the notes one by one (it starts with one finger and you do not move your finger until paste your other 3 fingers on the handle of the same manner, without removing the ater reading the note) – the use of a metronome, and try to concentrate (most affected) the first note of the number notes you play on each string. This will give you the slot, and not just fast fingers. – The growing practice that can

learn guitar soloing free