Rolling Stone Top Bass Guitar Players

rolling stone top bass guitar players
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My definition of Rock and Roll

"Rock and roll is sexual energy, speaking in his"

It all started with "Elvis the pelvis." Why do you think all the girls began to disappear across the country when he heard the voice of Elvis for the first time? That's because nobody had ever heard a man sing something like "All Shook Up" and I shook with the base. Being sexy like that comes naturally to Elvis and the girls picked up on it immediately as a kind of sexual e-mail was sent directly to their brain! Other stars of rock and roll Elvis follows the steps quickly. Jerry Lee Lewis knew what to do and got into a big ball of fire with her lover minors. Chuck Berry was a different person, and it has also created serious problems, simply because he was black and white girls approached him in a big way. I think maybe it was the first time I hung population pathetic man white faced the question of gender, race at this level.

Then, the Beatles exploded. Elvis phenomenon was new, except fact that all the Beatles should sing like gods, they shake their heads above the mop around and adorable, and lots of girls panties wet at the time. The effect was greatest for its simple love songs memorable for young people who came of age and dream of love connected to a level emotional as well. At first all I had to write was "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Please If Please Me "and millions of girls wanted to organize something for them. The sexual message in his music was often very subtle, but driving beat Ringo want to get up and shake all around.

Mick Jagger was a different person, like Elvis. From the beginning, "Lips" has to give and receive satisfaction and continued with a long series of balls under the wall blows strong messages sexual nature such as "Do not play with fire," Live With Me "and the expression of all time classical music about sex," Going Home . Interestingly, it was Mick did all the girls in bed, it was Bill Wyman, bassist Stones. In his autobiography, Bill says everybody and their groupies joined thousands. Never made it clear in his book exactly what happened to him and not in the same way Mick is coming and still be who I really want to have. But it was good and all the bill was perfectly still be there and play the bass guitar looking for a kind of sad and sorry. It has been a logical explanation for the success of the bill, and I think I know what it is. (Do not ask, I will not say.)

Not much to say about this most powerful sexual dynamo, Jim Morrison, who said all the girls of "Come on Baby Light My Fire "and then fainted dead right away, he did what he wanted. Not sure how many users to understand what "Back Door Man" is, but the song says: "Men do not know, but the girls understand." No. I say no more.

And then there was href = ""> Jimi Hendrix. The pun is intended. Jimi was the musician who was the sexiest of all black time and some do not want girls to be their "Foxy Lady". In fact, used to align the door of his lodge room backstage and Jimi, and select one or several at once. There was another who could not help him, but he understood exactly what he was doing and why. More Later in his career, he arrested her sexy performance on purpose because he was a serious musician, you want people to appreciate his music and his compositions as creative it was. In his view, show sex on the road of this type of assessment and after the experiment was broken, he practically stopped playing with my eyes closed because I did not even see the girls there.

I think the best example of sexual energy is expressed in the sound of Led Zeppelin. Each time he played live Jimmy Page seemed to fall on the stage as if he was drunk, but he was not drunk. It was just the force of a hurricane that broke sexual his amp was too much even for Jimmy to resist. Now, I'm sure that most people are aware that the drums rhythmically wake forces sex. Africans have been despised and envied by whites because of the dance sexual drum. John Bonham, who was without doubt the best drummer in rock and roll that ever walked the face of this planet, beat their drums with such power that the sexual energy of Led Zep increased dramatically. Irresistible sexual energy his music is one reason why I say Led Zeppelin is a Rock and Roll Band # all the time.

rolling stone top bass guitar players