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Art of Acoustic Blues Guitar – Early Roots Lesson 1

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How can I convert different scales in different keys for the guitar.?

I read a book for guitar scales beginner modes and explains why the root notes on the ground they are. I always thought it also notes the root note was played first time scale and found that the key, but notes the following books are not always the first, and do not always octaves. Can someone please explain me how to do that.

get your question, but I'm going. C scale to begin with C DEFGABC then the rule of stages is half of Total Total Total Total Total Media (WWHWWWH) to scale all the notes are (AA # / Bb BCC # / Db DD # / Eb EFF # / Gb GG # / Ab) Therefore the D major scale is DEF # / Gb GABC # / Db D all you have to do is how to use and it is easy WWHWWWH

roots guitar