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learn guitar licks free
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Where can I find a good slide guitar lesson free?

So my pinky and ring fingers are now in a mold, and I thought, what better time to learn to slide. I need a lesson in slide guitar, is in open G or E, preferably one who teaches Use the middle finger, my finger slides only free. I do not want to be too complicated as how half of my hand is wrapped in bandages as Plexiglas-__-I ascertained the bare basics and now want to begin to address some plans and exercises. Thank you in advance.

I guess it's more technical than sliding, literally, learning to slide up and down, I advise you if any lessons 1-1 to clear just make basic mistakes that impede progress. Otherwise, you can watch Rory Gallagher, a player very underrated Irish (now deceased) blues-rock slide that regularly Rory Gallagher-Too much alcohol (its very catchy slide) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1zsRRt1FWE

learn guitar licks free

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