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learn guitar fender
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Martin DX1 guitar is worthy to learn and keep for long?

I was at Guitar Center today and discussed a 300 million Fender, and Martin DX1. It has a nice matte finish (I like) and solid wood. Fender is better than going Martin quality? Someone Has a Martin DX1?

I am a big fan of Martin guitars and I love the Martin DX1. He has a great sound and playability. Under the action, it is more easy on the fingers. A Martn quality at a great price. You can certainly learn from her and her example of a good guitar, you can keep for long. I prefer Fender Martin every day. That said, it depends on you. Go to which one sounds best for you, the best moves for you, it feels good to you, and what suits your style of play better. However, I would recommend Martin.

learn guitar fender