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learn guitar by computer
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How to read guitar tabs?

I do not quite understand how to read labels. I just started learning how to play the guitar using a computer PRGRAM. However, in these things, I do not really have much to learn, except notes and things. So what's the point if I can not read music? HELP!

read the labels look the 6 lines on a page below. Now .. these lines return the 6 strinsgs on his guitar. The first line in the top 6th string is known as E. the last line on the bottom line is the first known I think so too. Now you can find different numbers in the page. These numbers tell you what frets to put your finger on. eg … one could say that line 2 in 2 nd and 2 nd in line 3 below. So it would be a string of E 5. in the letter. _______________________________________ _2_______________________________________ _2_______________________________________ _________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ This is a example of a graphics card. It would be better to go to your local music store and buy some 5 million book of guitar strings. I hope you have guitar tabs can be there to see visually where the fingers are in the letter. Each finger goes in a certain place on each string to a rope. Good luck!

learn guitar by computer

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