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teach yourself how to play guitar online
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Please help me with guitars!?

Ok, so I asked my mother if I can get an acoustic guitar I could learn to play through teach yourself book. I have only one problem … I know nothing about guitars. HELP! What is the best in Miami, Florida, to buy one? Or maybe a line. What kind of guitar should I buy? What are the best? They are the best guitars too expensive? And if I'm going to buy online should be a little cheaper and not too expensive. Remember, I look. Please help. Oh, and a site on how to play guitar and bases would be too great. And what kind of book I teach myself to be very effective and easy to understand. Oh, (Sorry! I know there are many questions in large question.) ASIT or if there is a store to find, have an attractive design and color?

OK start with where to get one … I would not recommend to a line. I think you should find a friend to teach you some basics, then go a local store (they have Sam Ash in Florida?) You can see how the guitar sounds, feels and looks. You can get a guitar that works well for about $ 150, or if you need even less. There are many Good companies – Yamaha, Washburn, Epiphone, defense, to name a few. There are many sites out there that will tell you that the agreements to play a song – just google "tags (song name) (name of band)" If you have other questions, send me an email.

teach yourself how to play guitar online

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