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Newbie guitarist have questions?

Hello! I just started playing the guitar a week ago and I can not get it ask. I'm learning the basics a tutorial I found on about.com. I would like some information on the following guitarists: "I developed callus because of the practice are sensitive to the touch after you have finished playing. Is this experience once again less sensitive? "I'm learning the F major chord. What is the best way to play this chord? How long it was before you were able to nail?

If your fingers hurt, then you probably do not have calluses. Give him a few weeks and you should be able to sit and play and fingers do not bother me everything. As for the F chord I guess you learn Agreement F to the first fret to the bottom 4 strings? I guess this case is new and it is generally one of the first chords to learn …. If I am the finger right: Unless the first fret with the index of the first two strings, then use my finger the middle on the second fret and 3rd fret ring. As for the amount of time has fingernails, I do not remember. Some tips: Get lessons for you to have someone to correct what he did wrong and tell you what you are doing well. Someone to teach you the boring stuff, then it will be great in things more fun when it comes time to take people advice on the internet very easily, the cause is an error as far as what is right and if you do not know if it fair or not, it is clear that you will not know it's wrong. If someone so much, here the other day gave advice to a man not to upgraded to a new guitar. To update your current guitar has only professionally and get ready for new channels. To find out who is not an upgrade, which requires no maintenance. The interview is that anyone has the slightest gesture should be done to themselves. The point is: some people are composers and really have no idea Be attentive listener

learn guitar about.com

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