How To Play Guitar Through Pc

how to play guitar through pc
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guitar, recording, PC connection?

ok I have my guitar connected to my line in port on my PC and I can hear myself play through bias from my speakers, but how can I get the nerve to record sound. I read something on a wavemapper of my speakers, but I do not know how to find in XP. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thank you for any help you can, it is logical, but the combo of audacity is gray, I can not click it. With everything under the effects tab. Is this a free program right? I need to refresh.

just click on the arrow in the right of the image and choose online microphone, microphone or wherever you are online. If you do not know that from one to the other until the red bar move when you play. Then press record and go! EdiciĆ³n: Lo siento, no puede ayudar este in 1. Try reinstalling two, then turn the page of audacity. May ba useful.

how to play guitar through pc