Greatest Guitar Players In The World

greatest guitar players in the world
Top Guitar Players in the World – PART II

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I hate my guitar teacher … HELP: (?

Well, I just started again to play the guitar. I have a teacher guitar shop owner is very nice, but my teacher … is 25 and acts like hes the best guitarist in the world, it is not insulting. Avenged Sevenfold and just about everyother guitar player … I practiced my songs I had to work on them … It seemed so good … it is thus moving to the next and the song was like a madman gettimg Because I could not play … Plz help, what should I do?

Oops, sorry for the guy who looks like a real dick. IDK I switch teachers or talk to the owner and get ass uncle from being an idiot. Haha, should not be any different? Chicks in general as musicians, because it is more romantic, but damn it's my dick dude! You should kick his ass next time. 😉

greatest guitar players in the world