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learn guitar mel bay
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Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method books year?

Hello, I wonder if Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method books for the year are good people learn to play guitar. I have the first in my power and I love the book. Would you recommend buying the rest of the books? Please if you have books, or leave most of them and used them, then a response from their opinions about the books. Thank you.

It is a good series. My guitar teacher used if a student wants to learn the notes. It begins with the first book and then when the student has completed and you want continue, and then tell the students to collect fully modern guitar method, which is a combination of all books of quality guitar in a large paperback book. It costs about $ 100 or less, but is good. I learned my letters with the first book and the whole book, I learn the notes in different positions, and the songs become progressively more difficult as the book progresses. There are many good songs that I play seriously in the book.

learn guitar mel bay