How To Play Guitar Yahoo

how to play guitar yahoo
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how to learn to play guitar?

All I have is an exit wwwaayy the melody of the guitar, internet, and good people of Yahoo Answers:). sites, tips or anything apriciated, thank you!

Hello Ashley, the first thing you do is tune the guitar. There are many Videos on YouTube showing how to adjust. You have options on how to learn to play guitar. You can get a guitar teacher coming home for one hour a week and go through a lesson with you. The only problem I found with it is very expensive, but he made progress very quickly. Another option is a cheaper alternative is to go to guitar lessons online. A great guitar video lessons series is here: I also I have my own experience in the source below. Please not to visit. Another great resource is YouTube. There are hundreds and hundreds of videos that can be filtered through to help you learn guitar. Make sure you practice, practice, practice some more. I really hope this helps and good luck with your guitaring!

how to play guitar yahoo