How To Play Guitar Triplets

how to play guitar triplets
BC-155 • Triplet Rhythms (Guitar Lesson)

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Does anyone here use a metronome or click track when you play your instrument? (For you drummers mostly)

I wonder how many people use it. I always use when playing my drums, guitar, bass, or piano. Not so much when I sing. I just hit the notes on the piano. I've been playing drums for 7 years, guitar for 7 years, 5 years, piano for 1 year, and Singing for 2 months. For drummers: Always stretch before playing. That's what I do. It helps a lot. No cramps when going fast on the bass. I get the metronome to 120 BPM. I begin with two bars of Notes 8. 2 bars of eighth triplets, 2 bars of notes right 16. Can I find the BPM to 140. Repeat. I am the 20 BPM at a time until you reach 220 BPM. Play hard every time, so you do not need triggers to play live entertainment. Like natural feeling instead of a "click" similar to the hype. Also try a reworking blues to 140 BPM. It feels good.

Hello! – I used when I started playing drums (25 years) – then it became natural. I switched to the guitar 5 years ago, though.

how to play guitar triplets