How To Play Guitar Skillet

how to play guitar skillet
How to play Hero by Skillet on guitar

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Some questions about the Boss GT-10?

A few days ago I bought one a Boss GT-10 and is just incredible. It has a variety of effects, is easy to use and does not feel fragile at all. It's 11 pounds to prove a strong resistance. The only problem is, overdrive / distortion is not so good. Everyone is classified as "too digital" and completely useless when it comes to playing metal. I just spent $ 638 on guitar effects processor (which is dear to my country) so I have no desire to spend a similar amount in a POD X3 Live. What are my options? Boss OD-3 is good? I mean, since it is a leader who would never be the same problem with the GT-10. What Rocktron Sonic Glory Overdrive? I want something to play a sound similar to those of Stryper, Fireflight and / or stove.

Boss is good, but I would go with a full Overdrive, it is not the head of his frenetic. So says the tables used Skillet chorus, crying and screaming tube. I heard good things Rather than screaming tube, and Overdrive is a good choice for this style of music.

how to play guitar skillet

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