How To Play Guitar Ska Style

how to play guitar ska style
Ska Reggae guitar lesson in style of Sublime

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Does anyone make your own songs with his guitar?

Hey. I learned to play guitar for about 3 months. I'm decent now. I can play many different songs. But now I want to start making my own songs. But it is difficult to write lyrics and create a unique sound. I will not only play other songs of all time. So if possible, how can I create my own songs? Secondly, when I playing with my friend, I really do not enjoy it because we are not the same kind of music. His style is different from mine and I do not think I've could never start a band with him (who wants to form a ska band). How do I find other people to play with? Any comments or suggestions?

ur guitar playing blindly. just scrape any agreement, sometimes napped U've wat u line sounded great. then u just write ur chords. after u small changes in ur songs then u just start ur writing songs. if u can not find a suitable partner, sugeest ui to hang around the music as music venues, schools, colleges or universities, or maybe even the church to find mate of ur band. if you want to come back with his old pal ur band, maybe u can talk about it / them we all play the same number of songs, for example 5 ska songs, 5 songs you like ..

how to play guitar ska style