How To Play Guitar Notes String

how to play guitar notes string
How To Play Guitar for Beginners : Fretting the Strings for Beginning Guitar

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How can I play guitar chords according to the score?

I just learned to play guitar from a book and I can play all the notes very well, but then he threw me chords and just told me they play. I am confused because it still gives me all the notes songs, now with chords above the notes. Am I supposed to play only the channels at the same time as the rhythm of the song? If yes, why always me give the notes you play a solo strings? I'm not using the tab (I know what it is) I am referring to the score in the book I who notes and other things of the song, but above the bars that will throw in a "G" or "C" at random and say, "try to switch between notes and chords, and I do not know what the hell that means.

It seems that their use Tab instead of partitions. Tab on the top rope, and skill bars Real music. In fact, to answer that depends on the song. Most of the time, unless a party only, the notes are displayed in the bar, really make the rope you need to play. Here's an example: I am __2________0________ __O________X__________ __1________2___________ __2________2__________ __0________1__________ __0________0__________ The notes are in fact the agreements, and a whole would be affected because they are all in a row. If you spread it must take into account individual separate note, disagree. It's how I understand I may be wrong, but from what I understand the card is correct.

how to play guitar notes string