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free watch and learn guitar videos
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Electric or acoustic guitar for beginners?

I want to learn guitar, but I have some questions first. For acoustic or electric startup? What are some free online videos you can watch and learn? How long does it take to learn to get the hang of it in general? What are good brands of guitars to buy? I want to play with the electric time, but I do not know if I should start with the first sound.

I it depends on you. calasts create a sound (I can spell SRY) in the fingers faster than ur power would be. with this you can easily rip cords and fingers take the most advanced. electric start, anyone can start playing with ease because of his ability to slide up and down with an electric guitar. Personally, I recommend you start with acoustic as you will soon realize that, after receiving noise power will be a game child and I'll break. Flights friend as a start center yamaha ur local guitar or something, then after a while, you'll know what to look you become a guitar player, to each his own. if you want to learn faster, practice every day. I learned my chord riffs of Nirvana playing then you can update at different bands. Personally, I learned to play several instruments (including foreign) through practice and use my ears after a song of what is played. tube that always helps too. Once the flow, things are natural.

free watch and learn guitar videos