How To Play Guitar Latin Style

how to play guitar latin style
LATIN GUITAR LESSON (Part 1): Introduction to the Style

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I learned music theory advanced, I know I'm boring …?

I discovered jazz, diatonic modes, progressions, chromatic I know there's always more to learn, but do not know how to learn, and I want to try a completely new instrument, but I can not afford it. I Play drums, guitar, piano, bass and vocals (a little, but my voice sucks) and I played and hundreds of genres and styles like progressive rock, psychedelic rock, jazz fusion, punk, post-hardcore, Latin music with influences from rock, acoustic band, jam, punk, ska, reggae, dub, metal, pop, heavy metal, progressive metal and blues and many more I can not think right now. suggestions of what else to do with music, because I have everything tried the combination of genres, playing only the emotion without the use of theory, using more advanced theory is, I even tried several instruments at once, I can not keep me entertained …

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how to play guitar latin style