How To Play Guitar For Kids Free

how to play guitar for kids free
Guitar Lesson #1

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Children are not good?

When we were young the future was so bright The old neighborhood was so alive and every child in the street every damn it would succeed in every beat Now the neighborhood is cracked and torn The kids have grown, but their lives are worn How Swallow Street, a small Nothing so many lives may want to used to be free is still available hard Hard to see Fragile lives shattered dreams Jenny had a chance, and actually took place, she withdrew and had two kids Mark still lives at home because he has no job, he just plays guitar and smokes a lot pot Jay committed suicide Brandon OD'dy death But what happens? The cruellest dream – reality is probably discarded without desire for what is always used to be hard hard to see Fragile lives Shattered Dreams

It was good —- like my neighborhood

how to play guitar for kids free