How To Play Guitar Dvd Rock

how to play guitar dvd rock
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I want to learn electric bass guitar, but I really do not know anything. Any and all advice appreciated?

I want to learn bass guitar and I have a million questions: * Is it hard to learn? Is there a place online / buy books / DVD or anything to help me? * What kind of bass should I get? I want to play rock music. I did some research and somebody recommended following: said it is a jazz bass – actually affect anything? I prefer not spend more than $ 400 maximum, if possible. 🙂 No please laugh at me, I know that I doubt its really stupid = P thank you very much for your Help!

I was a bass player, before I was a guitarist, but he was 15 years ago. The bass is very easy to play if you have good rhythm and timing. The disadvantage is that if you play alone, you have about having a sort of background music. Not always good sound without a battery and guitar. That said, the Jazz Bass is not jazz, it's just a name. Even if it were, this does not mean you can not use it. My Guitar is a full hollow archtop guitar and play any more or less, but punk rock and it looks great. Most of their sound comes from the amp and fingers. I would say a Fender Precision Bass (P Bass), however. They are a staple of rock music on the road to Les Paul and a Marshall amp. There are lots of youtube videos, sites under tablature, and later … play by ear.

how to play guitar dvd rock

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