Best Guitar Players In The World List

best guitar players in the world list
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Looking for an official list of musicians who are considered the best guiter players in the world.

I want to know what the musicians are considered the best guitarists in the world. I am looking for an official list, but do not know where to find one.

You do probably not find a list "" Official, because most of it is a matter of opinion and of course you have one is a list very short and not in any order praticular Banda is parathesis ..: Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen), Slash (Gun's N Roses), Angus Young (AC / DC) Ted Nugent (Ted Nugent), Randy Rhodes (Killed in a plane crash while with Ozzy Osbourne. Played guitar on the album Blizzard of Oz with multiple hits such as Crazy Train), Stevie Ray Vaughn (blues guitarist dead after a helicopter crash Concert in Washington State), Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), Tom Petty (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Jimmy Paige (Led Zeppelin), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones). I would say that anyone over twenty list. Hope it helps.

best guitar players in the world list

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