Learn Guitar Tab Basics

learn guitar tab basics
Basic guitar chords – 3 simple steps (A and E major)

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where can i learn how to play the guitar online I’m a complete beginner?

i was inspired to play guitar by some videos i watched and now i want to learn how to play them where can i learn how to play the guitar for free u know no more payment and just look at the videos that they have there to teach you how to play the guitar from basics to reading the tabs and stuff

www.justinguitar.com is the best site I have found.

This site has a ton of information. On the left, there are several different tabs that you can click on for various in-depth lessons. These include videos as well as written-out instructions.

Since your a total beginner, I suggest you click on the “Basics” and “Beginner’s Course” tab on the left for starters. Most of these lessons consist of video explanations. When you have a few techniques down, you can progress into other courses.

Good luck!

learn guitar tab basics

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