How To Play Guitar Hand Positions

how to play guitar hand positions
Bass Guitar – Right Hand Position

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Guitar switch positions?

Iv'e played guitar for several years now and I play the guitar right-handed (Trebel scores more under the note) and I want to take up to classical music, but have a lower tolerance is impossible to play the way you play if im this if I had to change hands and become a right-handed player? How could I do such a thing? (I write all left-handed, otherwise, and I mean everything, more Gutiar im right handed)

If you're a lefty, you must learn to play the right hand. I myself am a leftist and the reason I say that because it is his strong hand. This means that you can do hammer-ons and pull-offs, elbows, etc. without tiring. Most right-handed guitarist, but also the right hand. You the advantage of the fingers of his left hand. All of you. Using the left hand and not worry and regret.

how to play guitar hand positions