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play guitar simulation
How To Make guitar playing videos [tutorial]

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Am I alone?

It's cheesy simulation games music such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band insult to music? My guitar is not a plastic clipboard great cost color-coded buttons, thank you very much! Of course, it's fun for people who do not the skills nor the patience to master playing a real instrument, but could at least make it more realistic, do not you think? And the prize controller TOPS $ 40 guitar. I mean, is not useful, no? In addition, yes, I played, and it feels … wrong. key time, really. My first attempt the third to put more or less in a song! And just for a while. I think they are simply taking advantage of people want, but in the process of true embarrassing music. And in a real guitar, can play a FREE song. The music is ALWAYS supposed to be about freedom and freedom of expression, can not you see? Dealing with the guitar stickers a cheap imitation is not freedom, and a poor excuse for self-expression.

It just a game, but I also think the Guitar Hero accerories are too costly to be an awesome game though!

play guitar simulation